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After slipping through the crooked fingers of Baba Yaga, you manage to escape her house. That’s when the witch starts pursuing you aboard her flying cauldron. To escape, you need to cast three spells, whose ingredients are scattered throughout this strange forest, but hurry! Baba Yaga has already picked up your scent!

Flee from the witch’s twisted claws by casting 3 spells, but you must first find the needed ingredients scattered in the forest. Will you find what you need before your opponents move Baba Yaga across the board and back again?

Baba Yaga is a fast and fun memory game for the whole family. This original game comes with an illustrated version of the famous Slavic tale it is based on.

Players 2-4
Age 6+
Game Time 15mins


-16 Forest tiles, each with a Forest face and an Ingredient face
-10 Baba Yaga Flight Path tiles
-1 Baba Yaga House tile
-20 Spell cards
-1 Baba Yaga figurine
-1 Tale booklet
-1 rulebook

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