Renniks Coin Holders (Self Adhesive) - 43mm

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Renniks Coin Holders are the best value coin holders on the market.

  • Chemical softener-free
  • Protection for your coins.
  • Manufactured to EU standards in Holland.
  • Ensure that the coins are protected from humidity fluctuations

Coins are protected from

  • fingerprints
  • dirt
  • grease
  • scratches

Coin holder construction does not damage the coins

The clear mylar facing actually expands to take coins of varying thicknesses.

Renniks Coin Holders are manufactured from environmentally friendly materials specially selected to ensure that your coins are safe in a storage system that won’t harm your valued collection.
The cardboard coin holder has a window of polypropylene stretch foil, free of acids, leads and other softeners ensuring that your coins are protected 100%.
Made by Europe’s leading manufacturer from acid reduced materials, eliminating coin discolouration.

All Renniks® coin holders are available in 2 versions:

  • Self adhesive
  • Non adhesive (to staple)

Renniks Coin Holder Summary

Self Adhesive Staple Type
Coin Holder
External Size
Hole Size Code Pack Size Code Pack Size
50x50mm 17.5mm RSA175 50 RNA175 100
20mm RSA20 50 RNA20 100
22.5mm RSA225 50 RNA225 100
25mm RSA25 50 RNA25 100
27.5mm RSA275 50 RNA275 100
30mm RSA30 50 RNA 30 100
32.5mm RSA325 50 RNA325 100
35mm RSA35 50 RNA 35 100
37.5mm RSA375 50 RNA 375 100
39.5mm RSA395 50 RNA395 100
67x67mm 40mm RSA40 25 RNA40 100
43mm RSA43 25 RNA43 100
48mm RSA48 25 RNA48 100
53mm RSA53 25 RNA53 100

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